Why REACH Center for Urban Evangelism?

REACH Center for Urban Evangelism (REACH CU) is an exciting new kind of evangelism program offered through Washington Adventist University. It offers a unique, immersive experience in urban ministry in the Washington, D.C. area in cooperation with 60 churches in a 10 mile radius.

We are thrilled to offer a diverse, hands-on experience to students in the areas of discipleship, community development and various aspects of evangelism. Here, students are given a positive environment where they can grow in Christ and develop their gifts and talents, which will then be used to further the gospel of Christ.

While at REACH CU you will be able to:

  • Enrich your relationship with God
  • Learn from the best in the field, from all over the country
  • Develop your preaching skills
  • Engage in practical urban outreach
  • Attend conferences geared toward developing your talents
  • Make lasting friendships with like-minded peers
  • Create & implement Compassion Projects alongside a team
  • Engage in literature evangelism
"The ordained ministers alone are not equal to the task of warning the great cities. God is calling not only upon ministers, but also upon physicians, nurses, colporteurs, Bible workers, and other consecrated laymen of varied talents who have a knowledge of the word of God and who know the power of His grace, to consider the needs of the unwarned cities" (Acts of the Apostles p. 158-159).

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