Submission Requirements

  • Completed high school
  • A $25 application fee
  • Two references, unrelated to you (refer them to our reference form by sharing the link)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process please call 301-891-4078 or email (


Please fill out the following application as accurately as you can. It is highly recommended for you to type your essay answers in a separate document and then copy and paste them into this application form so nothing is lost.  

Personal Information
Name *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Don't send mail here after: *
Don't send mail here after:
Home Phone #
Home Phone #
Mobile Phone # *
Mobile Phone #
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Applicants must be between the ages of 18-29.
Marital Status *
Short Answer Questions
Church Questions
Wellness Questions
Self Evaluation
Please evaluate yourself in the following areas. *
Please evaluate yourself in the following areas.
I have a great sense of humor.
My self-confidence is high.
I have humility.
I am sensitive to others feelings.
I can tolerate Christians who practice faith differently than I do.
I have a high motivation to serve people in need.
I have the ability to work hard.
I am flexible.
I am open to new ideas and other's input. I am teachable.
I am currently very involved in ministry.
I have a passion for justice.
I am very familiar with Urban Ministry.
I have the ability to establish healthy, meaningful relationships.
Essay Questions
Please write one to two paragraphs for each of the questions that follow.
Personal References
Please list the names of two people, not related to you, who will be completing an online reference on your behalf.
Reference 1 *
Reference 1
Reference 1 Phone *
Reference 1 Phone
Reference 2 *
Reference 2
Reference 2 Phone *
Reference 2 Phone

*Payment Method Information

  • Checks/Money Orders can be mailed to Washington Adventist University Attn. REACH CU: "Student Name"  7600 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912
  • Debit/Credit payments can be made over the phone by calling Student Financial Services @ 301-891-4005.

Keep the Following in Mind After Submission

  • We will be in contact with you shortly to set up a time for you to speak with the Director via the phone.
  • Accepted applicants will then make a commitment to attend REACH CU for the duration of the program (June 3, 2018-August 10, 2019). 
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process please call (301-891-4078) or email (

Accepted Students Desiring Credit

  • Request all official transcripts from previous school(s) and have them sent to REACH CU via mail or email. Please include official transcripts from all high schools, colleges or universities you attended.
  • GED scores must be provided, if applicable.