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These courses give an idea of what to expect, but are subject to change each scholastic year. Please contact us for more up to date course information.


Biblical Spirituality for Ministry (3 credits) - RELP 226

The course is designed to explore theological foundations of biblical spirituality and offer practical guidance for transformation by the Holy Spirit as applicable to ministry. Course procedure will combine readings from the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and other works, as well as the practice of Christian methods of spiritual growth, such as: study, prayer, worship, fasting, simplicity, and service. Prayer and devotion are essential aspects of Christianity and this course is intended to teach students how to engage in an effective prayer and devotional life.

Jesus and the Gospels (3 credits) - RELB 160

An introductory study of Jesus' life and teaching through the close readings of the four canonical gospels and the Desire of Ages.

Ministry in the City (3 credits) - RELP 305

Surveys a number of existing models of urban ministry and involves the student in a program of guided reading and discussion.

Knowing and Sharing Christ (3 credits) - RELP 220

Explores how Christians can both better understand their faith in Christ and comfortably, yet winsomely, share it in the context of today's busy, multi-faith society. The course will help students discover powerful motives and effective, easily implemented strategies that will enable them to communicate the gospel actively in ways that are compatible with their personality and abilities.

Theory and Practice of Urban Ministry (3 credits) - RELP 391

Explores the nature of the city from a global perspective, noting the history and development of cities, their relationship to the mission of God and the church. Will also explore ways in which the church has and may impact the cities. The city of Philadelphia, will be used in case study, as it is an acceptable microcosm of the global urban reality and will give the student practical, hands-on experience in urban ministry in a variety of settings throughout the metropolitan area of Philadelphia. The student will be exposed to ministries with the hungry, the homeless, the battered, the addicted, and the alien, as well as to a variety of public and private agencies that deal with these issues. 

Ellen G. White and the Gift of Prophecy (3 credits) - RELT 190

The goal of this course is to introduce students to reading Ellen White's writings and a deeper understanding of the purpose, place, and principles of her writings. Students will explore specifically her council on urban evangelism and ministries for the urban context, as well as the empowerment of young adults in ministry. Students will discover the authenticity and nature of her calling as well as address how to use the Spirit of Prophecy for prophetic guidance today. Students will also obtain an understanding of how to address some of the popular objections to her ministry. 

Adventist Beliefs

This class shows the beauty and centrality of Jesus in the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, establishing each belief on a solid biblical foundation. This course explores these core teachings of scripture and their implications in today's world.

Cycle of Transformational Evangelism

This course is designed to lead the student to understand the biblical process of evangelism through the study of the agricultural cycle of preparing the soil, sowing and reaping. Evangelism will be understood as a process, rather than an event. Students will learn various methods of public, personal, and servant evangelistic outreach as well as engage in local evangelistic efforts.

Literature Evangelism

Students will learn the art of door-to-door literature evangelism, including the door approach, canvass, and the psychology of the canvass. This ministry will be practiced during the summer, fall, and spring so that students, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will be furnished with all the necessary tools to be effective Literature Evangelists.

Literature Evangelism Leadership

This course provides leadership training and experience needed for summer magabook programs. Students will study techniques involving discipleship, discipline, training, and team management. A portion of the class will include in-the-field training in team management.

Personal Evangelism

The main thrust of this course is to teach students how to share their faith with non-Seventh-day Adventists. After learning how to develop and conduct a Bible study, meet people's objections, and lead others to a point of decision, every student will be prepared to share the gospel with others. Students will also learn how to coordinate training seminars in the local church so members will become involved in giving Bible studies and doing other personal evangelism.

Public Evangelism

This intensive will explain how to use personal evangelism in preparation for successful public evangelistic efforts. The student will learn how to organize and hold a public evangelistic effort using methods and principles based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.

Servant Leadership

This course will enable students to define leadership and to understand the concept of Servant Leadership. Students will begin to examine their own beliefs about leaders, leadership, and themselves. They will be introduced to the biblical model of the servant leader, as well as current research literature on leadership. Students will consider the ways in which life experience and spirituality inform the approach to leadership, and appreciate the balance between the need for leadership and the need for followership and the ability to recognize the difference. Necessary skills for effective leaders will be introduced and practiced.

Biblical Principles of Money Management

This course introduces basic economic concepts and accounting practices for managing personal and business finances. Money management issues such as budgeting, consumerism, insurance, home ownership, debt, and investments are included. Students also learn the fundamental accounting processes dealing with the bookkeeping and accounting functions necessary in businesses and service organizations.

Communication, Relationships and Sexuality

The scriptures give instruction for all aspects of life including relationships and sexuality. Both were created wonderfully by God and yet perverted by a self-centered society. This course is designed to give students insight into how to approach and navigate Christian relationships and sexuality. It also explores healthy communication patterns and teaches conflict resolution skills which are essential for healthy partnership, relationship, and leadership.

Daniel and Revelation

Understanding and interpreting the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation is an exciting exploration of scripture for the Seventh-day Adventist student. God has always worked on the premise of revealing spiritually historic events before they transpire. In the books of Daniel and Revelation students will gain a bird's eye view of where we were, where we are, and where we are going as God's people.


An introduction to the principles governing sermon construction and the development of a theology of preaching. Careful attention is given to the structuring of various types of sermons as well as to the dynamics of delivery styles. Course requirements include required videotaped sessions and evaluation by the instructor and fellow students. Further opportunities are created to apply the homiletical principles through class presentations, guest lecturers and specialized assigned readings. Students are assigned to preach in area churches, where they are encouraged and evaluated.

Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Areas of emphasis will include planning and tending an organic garden and community based urban gardening. This course will teach you skills to effectively restore and reclaim spaces for growing organic food. Students will learn the practicality of using urban gardening to empower their community and inspire healthy living.

Children and Youth Ministry

Ministry to children and their families in today's changing world is a unique calling and challenge for the church and its leaders. The opportunity to create Bible studies and ministry plans that lay the foundation for children to grow to know, trust, love, and follow Jesus is eternally significant not only for the church of tomorrow but the church of today.

Health Ministries

It is important to note that more than half of Jesus' time was spent in restoring health to others. In this intensive students will receive practical training about how to touch someone's heart through the health message. This course will look into physical, mental and spiritual effects of food, natural remedies, and human development. It covers an overview of the natural prevention and what it means for the body to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Students will participate in hands-on cooking classes, gaining the skills to prepare delicious meals that nourish the body.

Media Ministry

It is imperative to be wherever people are and to use methods that will best win hearts for Jesus. Today, a follower of Christ will share the precious gospel message creatively through many forms of media and storytelling (photography, video, and web), as well as connecting meaningfully through social networking. This will prepare students to build relationships and effectively spread the word for ministry events in the local church community.

Public Campus Ministry

This course will offer students an introduction to ministry on a public campus. For effective campus ministry, is essential to learn how to engage students on the public campus in faith exploration, develop them as mature disciples, and equip and empower them for ministry among their peers. Methods for personal and small group Bible study will be taught and practiced.


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