Program Details


Program Overview

You will begin our evangelism school by immersing yourself in a 10 week canvassing program, Here, you get to deepen your relationship with God, engage in front line ministry, and make bonding friendships for eternity. After a short break you will begin fall classes where you get to learn about evangelism, Adventist beliefs, and practical ministry from the best in the field. Along with classes, you will get to apply what you learned by participating in or starting new ministries in one of the most influencial cities in America. During the year you will get to practice your leadership and communication skills in two canvassing blitzes. You will conclude the program by participating in one summer of canvassing and applying all that they learned throughout the year with confidence! We will celebrate with you at the completion of the summer with a graduation ceremony and certificate!

College Credit Requirements

REACH Columbia Union operates on a semester system. Graduating students who wish to receive college credit must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must maintain a 2.8 GPA (grade point average) or higher and complete the required work-study programs.
  2. You must be recommended by their course instructors and the advisory committee of REACH Columbia Union based on classroom and field evaluation.

Through Washington Adventist University (WAU), REACH CU is offering 5 courses for which university credit may be obtained, a total of 15 credits. Credits are transferrable to other universities. Please check with your institution for their process of transferring credits and applicability to your program. Taking courses for credit is entirely optional and students wishing to receive university credit must enroll in them at the beginning of their REACH CU experience, so that the school can complete the WAU application process. Check out our courses for more information. Please note, these courses are included in the REACH CU curriculum for all students, whether or not students apply for credit through WAU or not. Tuition must be paid in full before receiving WAU credit.

Work-Study Program

To provide opportunities in leadership and a diversity of skill development, you will be given responsibilities in classroom teaching, literature distribution, developing and giving Bible studies, and school operations. Students participate in various tasks such as facility cleaning, cooking, remodeling, gardening, and a variety of other practical chores. These chores are intended to teach life skills, and will provide many opportunities for you to learn leadership as you share the responsibility of overseeing other student workers.

What career opportunities will this program prepare me for? 

After completing the 1-year program with REACH CU, you will be encouraged to go on to complete your undergraduate or masters degree. Students who experienced REACH CU are equipped to pursue a variety of careers.

Above all, each person is called to be a Christ-like leader in the field that they feel called to. No matter what your career or profession, you are called as a minister of Jesus Christ first of all: to serve, love, and lead right where you are. Whether you're a teacher, engineer, lawyer, doctor, or graphic designer, God wants to use you! This experience in ministry will equip you to integrate your love for Jesus and passion for joining His work with your occupation.